We offer several services which are described below; thesis counselling, thesis-check, training to improve your study techniques, help with personal difficulties, and career counseling. By tuning this effective counselling in to your individual needs you will achieve the best out of yourself and will therefore be best prepared to enter the current job market.

Thesis Counselling – What to expect

Thesis counselling will be tailor-made to fit your individual needs. During our first meeting we will pinpoint the main obstacles that you are encountering. This will form the basis for our action plan. The exact content will therefore depend on you specific needs.

Thesis coaching can consist of:

  • Working with clear deadlines and a plan.
  • Help in the construction of a clear and coherent research question.
  • The (re)structuring of the outline of the project.
  • Guidance in the execution of your research.
  • Direction with data analysis and interpretation.
  • In addition, specific personal difficulties encountered. I.e. motivation, concentration, planning, dyslexia, insecurities or perfectionism can be made a part of the approach in helping you reach your goals.
  • During periods of difficulty we will help you to overcome, for instance by reaching out and helping you to re-align your focus.
  • Study Lab – every week we offer several opportunities for students to work in our office with of course the added bonus of professional guidance. Many students consider this a valuable tool in breaking a deadlock situation and in connecting to other students.

Thesis Check – Proofing for quality control (please ask for estimate, prices differ from individual coaching) 

In addition we offer the option for a thorough check of the final version of your thesis or project. If you are further along in the process a final check to improve (academic) writing and quality may prove very valuable. We offer:

  • Total thesis check including personal feedback consultation – proofreading (to improve academic and English level) and content control of the thesis or project with the option of an individual consultation to discuss pointers for improving the quality of your work.
  • Proofing of the final document – are you unsure of the level of your (academic) English? We will proofread the thesis to improve this (conducted by our in-house English language graduate and native speaker).

Study Techniques

Another area of our service is the option for help in improving general study techniques. The focus of this service can be tutoring in specific skills like planning, how to structure or summarise, how to succeed with exams or presentation skills. These are all examples of skills that can be trained and upgraded in order to improve or succeed as a student.

Coaching & Psychological Guidance – Dealing with personal difficulties

If you are encountering personal problems that affect your life in a meaningful way, it is advisable to address these issues. By reaching out and talking to people around you, your emotional state can improve considerably. However, if you feel you need more help despite the steps that you have already taken, we may be able to help improve your situation. To address difficulties with motivation, lack of discipline, procrastination and for guidance with personal issues we offer coaching and/or psychological guidance. For help with personal issues that affect your studies and personal life, you can reach out to us.

Examples of issues we can help you with are:

  • Relationship with parents.
  • Dissatisfaction with social life.
  • Insecurities or fear of failure.
  • Anxiety or depression.
  • Low self-esteem.
  • Breaking through recurrent ineffective patterns in your life.

Career Counselling – Moving on!

In order to guide you with study and/or career choices we also offer career and future oriented counselling. Concluding an education can be a pivotal moment for many people, during which a lot of changes occur simultaneously. This process often leaves little room for insecurities and personal growth. For instance, developing particular job interview skills or exploring doubts on the direction you would like to take in your career.

We offer personal counselling and group-oriented training for questions regarding your personal career path, profile development, the job market and skills concerning job application:

  • Orientation in the job market and personal interests.
  • Writing of Curriculum Vitae.
  • Training in job application skills.
  • Training in presentation skills.