“Thank you for the great help. I’m very satisfied with the service you’ve provided. Through the coaching I’ve been able to put things in perspective and construct a decent plan of approach. The appointments helped me to keep my head in the game and realize the deadlines we set. All of this without negating my own efforts and individuality, which are naturally required with academic research. Overall this experience was a huge support for me as well as a big stick to keep me on track in finishing my Bachelors degree.” Spanish Literature Studies

Lizette, Humanistic Studies: “Working with a plan and deadlines really helped me. Discussing in detail the exact steps I was going to take was very pleasant, because I tend to overthink things. Talking to Flora helped me to reduce my worries to a more ‘human’ proportion. Fine-tuning the research question and research aims was very valuable. It improved the framework of the thesis and this helped me in writing it. Last but not least the support I received was a huge incentive. Whenever I started to doubt myself I would be able to quickly consult with Flora which improved the confidence in my own ideas.”